I’m a Doodler: Armed with my Wacom Intuos4, I sling colors around in Photoshop in an attempt to create art. I’ve done the covers to a couple of books and have taken some commissions, however, the majority of my work is for fun. I have a gallery on DeviantArt. Oh, and I also create themes for Plymouth State University’s Campus Portal.

I’m a Programmer: Currently the Lead Developer atPlymouth State University, my days are filled with writing, reviewing, and tuning code for PSU with my trusty editor: Vim. Though I touch many aspects of our institution, I spend most of my time coding in the areas of Identity Management, E-Commerce, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Student Information.

I’m a Star Wars Geek: Yeah. It is true. Using the above two aspects of what I do, I am the lead developer for an online Star Wars club called the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

I’m a Tough Mudder: I participated in Tough Mudder New England, 2011 and completed.  It was far from easy.  And yes, I ran it with a mohawk.